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San Antonio Carpet Cleaning: What Do the Experts Know?

The average San Antonio residential carpet should be professionally cleaned at least once every year, and commercial carpet sometimes as as often as every two months.. even if you vacuum regularly. Professional carpet cleaning extends the life of your San Antonio carpeting and contributes to better air quality, reducing allergies and illness.

Do-It-Yourself San Antonio carpet-Cleaning Damage

Ideally, your San Antonio carpet should be professionally cleaned. However, to save money, many people alternate between the do-it-yourself cleaning and professional cleaning. While the do-it-yourself approaches are far less expensive, they are almost never as effective as professional cleaning and involve a considerable amount of time and hard work. Depending on the method used, it is also easy for the novice to damage the San Antonio carpet.

Beware of the three most common ways do-it-yourselfers (and inexperienced pros) damage San Antonio carpets:

  • Over-shampooing

  • Over-wetting

  • Failing to protect the wet San Antonio carpet from furniture

Over-shampooing occurs when either too much shampoo is used or the San Antonio carpet is not adequately rinsed. Both are practically inevitable with some wet do-it-yourself approaches. This is the biggest reason why even hard-core do-it-yourselfers should occasionally use a professional. If they don't, the build-up of soapy residue can be impossible to clean out, leaving a San Antonio carpet that is a virtual dirt magnet.

Over-wetting occurs when too much water soaks into the bottom of the San Antonio carpet. Some backing materials cause the San Antonio carpet to discolor if they get too wet. Some San Antonio carpets will shrink, literally tearing themselves up from the floor. If the backing and pad get wet, it is very difficult to dry them, and you run the additional risk of mold and mildew problems.

The final San Antonio carpet-cleaning hazard is stains caused by furniture coming into contact with wet San Antonio carpeting. Many kinds of wood furniture will release some of the dyes in their stain if left in contact with a wet surface. Many pieces of furniture have feet that are at least partially metal. The metal can rust, leaving a stain in the San Antonio carpet.

Do-it-yourselfers are more likely to encounter these problems because they often don't remove all the furniture from the room when cleaning, and they often don't have ready access to the foam blocks and foil-backed cardboard squares that the pros use to keep the furniture off the San Antonio carpet until it is dry.

Professional San Antonio carpet-Cleaning Methods

One San Antonio carpet-cleaning method, dry extraction, isn't technically a "dry" procedure; it's more a "moisture-controlled" process. That is, it applies a controlled amount of moisture to clean the San Antonio carpet and still leave it dry. This process is similar to the do-it-yourself "dry" method, but the equipment is larger and much more thorough.

Though it uses the same cleaning chemicals, the dry process alters the amount of chemicals used and how they're applied. A machine with two counter-revolving brushes moves the cleaning agents through the San Antonio carpet's material. The cleaner supplies enough liquid to dissolve the dirt, then re-absorbs the soil and liquid, which leaves the San Antonio carpet dry for vacuuming and immediate use.

Some San Antonio carpet-cleaning professionals spray a carbonated cleaning solution onto the San Antonio carpet. The carbonation allows the cleaning agents to get to the San Antonio carpet fibers with minimal wetting. The solution doesn't contain the oil or detergents that typically leave a dirt-attracting residue. Dissolved dirt is removed with a machine that rubs soft cotton pads over the San Antonio carpet.

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When compared to wet systems, some suggest this method may not get as much of the deeper dirt out, but in fact the dry method does get into the fibers and the base of the San Antonio carpet to clean. It does this without the risks of residue or over-wetting. Many businesses use this system because the San Antonio carpet is usually dry and ready for traffic within an hour.

Otherwise, professionals use methods similar to do-it-yourself approaches, with two important differences. First, pros do this all day every day, and that experience helps them realize the maximum cleaning potential of each system and avoid the hazards of each.

Second, pros usually use much more powerful and sophisticated equipment and cleaning agents. Because they know what they're doing, they can use all that extra power without succumbing to the risks that power entails.

For example, on heavily soiled San Antonio carpet a professional might first use a power shampoo system and then follow it with hot water extraction. There is equipment that does both in one pass. Often, the vacuums used in hot water extraction systems are extremely powerful and are mounted on a truck that is parked in front of the home.

Professionals have two other advantages as well. First, they're accustomed to moving the heavy furniture. Second, they usually know a lot more about how to handle specific challenges like heavily soiled areas and stains.

San Antonio carpet Stains and San Antonio carpet-Cleaning Extras

San Antonio carpet stain removal: Some firms include stain removal in the base price. Other firms charge extra for highly soiled areas or for individual stains. Ask about this up front.

San Antonio carpet pretreatment: Most wet-cleaning results can be improved by spraying a cleaning agent on the San Antonio carpet a few minutes before cleaning. The chemicals help dissolve grease and oils so that the final cleaning extracts even more dirt. For some firms this is standard procedure; others may charge extra by the square foot or room. Be sure to ask.

Soil retardants: Most San Antonio carpets are now factory-treated with a coating that helps the San Antonio carpet fibers shed water and spills. The key is cleaning up the spills quickly. Once a San Antonio carpet is five years old or so, you may need to have it retreated, at least in the high traffic areas.

The easiest way to check whether San Antonio carpet retreatment is necessary is to place a few drops of water on the San Antonio carpet in the questionable areas and see whether the drops bead up or are absorbed quickly into the fibers. If they are absorbed, it's time to retreat the San Antonio carpet.

The best retreatment chemicals (and usually the only ones recommended by the manufacturers) are fluorochemical based. Scotchgard or any treatment containing Dupont's Teflon are made from this material. The treatment should take place after cleaning and, for best results, should be gently brushed into the San Antonio carpet while it is still damp.

Deodorizing and pet odor treatments: Most of the possible San Antonio carpet odor reduction that can be accomplished will be accomplished by the cleaning itself. Many odors come from mold, mildew, or urine that has penetrated the San Antonio carpet backing and pad. There is no practical way to get at the source without damaging the San Antonio carpet through over-wetting.

Applying an anti-microbial agent (see below) will help slow the return of mildew and mold. Other than that, "deodorizing" is really nothing more than masking the odor with some stronger and more pleasing scent. San Antonio carpet perfumes have only a temporary effect and may be irritating to some people.

Anti-microbial treatment: The cleaning itself will kill most mold, mildew, yeast and other microbes, but it is practically impossible to kill all of them. The anti-microbial treatment creates a hostile environment for these microbes to reproduce and spread and will help control odor problems, extend the San Antonio carpet's useful life, and provide considerable relief to allergy sufferers.

Anti-static treatment: Static electricity often becomes annoying in the winter, when heating systems dry out the air in our homes. San Antonio carpet manufacturers have responded by developing new finishes, fibers, and backings that prevent the build-up of static electricity. If you are having a problem with your San Antonio carpet, the easiest, best, and healthiest remedy is to increase humidity with a humidifier.

Once the relative humidity gets above about 40 percent, the static problem disappears. There are several treatments and finishes that can be applied that reduce static electricity, but nearly all act as soil magnets, greatly speeding up the rate at which your San Antonio carpet gets soiled. Car carpet cleaning , Carpet care , Carpet cleaning service , Commercial carpt cleaners , Commercial carpet cleaning , Couch cleaning , Oxi fresh carpet cleaning , Rug cleaning , Sofa cleaning , Stanley steemer , Steam carpet cleaning , Steam cleaning , Tile and grout cleaners , Upholtery cleaning .

How much does it cost to hire carpet cleaning services?

Carpets require annual cleaning to maintain a pristine appearance and help ensure a long life by preventing unsightly permanent staining. Regular professional cleaning removes soil before it has the chance to work into the carpet fibers, where it becomes almost impossible to extract. Soiled carpets also pose a health risk because they trap bacteria, pollen, dust, and other allergens that can quickly become airborne whenever the carpet is disturbed from walking across or vacuuming.

Carpeting a home is a costly home improvement that should be maintained. Most carpet manufacturers provide a warranty. However, the carpet warranty may not remain viable if you do not have a professional carpet cleaning company regularly clean your carpet.

Carpet cleaning companies vary in price. The condition of your carpet will also be a deciding factor on overall cost. However, if you maintain your carpet with regular carpet cleaning then the carpet should not be overly stained or dirty. A typical unfurnished bedroom measures 10’x14’. If the bedroom features a standard synthetic fiber carpet, the average cost will range from $0.18-$0.36 per square foot for an average cost of $50 per room depending the level of carpet soiling.

Cost factors

Typically, professional carpet cleaners charge by the square foot or by the amount of rooms or , so having a general idea of how big your home is will help you determine how much it is going to cost to have your carpet cleaned. On average, a 1,000 square foot house will cost $0.18-$0.36 per square foot to have the carpet professionally cleaned. At a cost of $0.25 per square foot, the carpet in a 1,000 square foot home will cost $250 for a basic wall-to-wall carpet clean.  

Several factors frequently cause the price of professional carpet cleaning to increase. Difficult angles in the home, such as stairways, normally cost more to clean because the professional carpet cleaner must use a hand wand or other attachment to effectively clean the hard-to-reach space.

Most professional carpet cleaners also charge additional fees to remove pet stains and eliminate pet odors because they must use specialized products. The average cost to have a carpet cleaning company remove pet stains and odors runs from $30-$40 per hour.

Applying Scotchgard(™) protectants to the carpet after cleaning is also an added charge. Professional carpet cleaners charge from $10-$25 per room to apply Scotchgard(™) to a carpet.

The cost of having an area rug removed by a carpet cleaning company and sent to a rug cleaning facility varies depending on the size of the rug. An 8’x10’ rug usually costs about $160 to be professionally cleaned.

Type of carpet

Approximately 65 percent of all carpets are made from synthetic fibers. Some carpets are made of a combination of wool and synthetic fibers and, rarely, carpets are 100 percent wool. Berber-style carpets are often a combination of wool and synthetic fibers. Most professional carpet cleaning companies do not charge extra for synthetic fiber, wool/synthetic fiber, or wool carpets. However, the cleaning methods do differ between wool and synthetic fibers, which does affect the price. Unlike synthetic fiber carpets which are normally cleaned using hot water/steam extraction, wool and wool/synthetic combination carpets are cleaned using a dry method which averages $50-$54 per room.

Cleaning methods

There are two main types of cleaning methods commonly utilized by professional cleaning companies: hot water extraction/steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction/steam cleaning

Hot water extraction/steam cleaning involves applying a cleaning agent and hot water or steam to the soiled carpet. A pressurized machine with a vibrating or rotating brush is then used to work the cleaning agent, steam, and hot water into the carpet fibers and break loose the dirt and debris. A carpet cleaner device is used to rinse and suck up the dirt, water, and cleaning agent, and the carpet is then allowed to air dry.

Dry cleaning

A dry cleaning compound or powder is applied to the surface of the carpet. A motorized, rotating brush is used to loosen up the carpet fibers so that the dry cleaning agent can enter the fibers. The cleaning compound absorbs the dirt within the carpet fibers. A specialized device is then used to suction up the dirt debris and cleaning compound.

Cleaning method Pros Cons

Hot water extraction/steam cleaning

Removes deep down dirt and difficult soiling

Rotating brushes break up heavy stains

Widely recommended by carpet manufacturers

Less residue left behind

Effectively deodorizes

Relatively long drying time

Excessively wet areas of carpet may occur

Dry cleaning

Relatively quick

The cleaning compound only needs to sit on the carpet for 15 to 20 minutes

No significant drying time

Effectively deodorizes

Does not remove deep down stains

May cause excessive dust buildup in a home

Powder often becomes trapped in the carpet fibers


The cost of hot water extraction/steam cleaning tends to be higher than dry cleaning a carpet because it takes longer to perform and the dry time is significantly longer.

Professional carpet cleaners normally charge less to clean a room filled with furniture because the surface area of the carpet requiring cleaning is less than that of an empty room, which needs wall to wall cleaning. The average cost to clean a room using hot water extraction/steam cleaning with no furniture is $49-$63 per room, while with furniture it averages $33-$49 per room. The cost to dry clean a carpet does not change if the room is furnished or unfurnished. Generally, the cost to dry clean a carpet averages $50-$54 per room.


Professional carpet cleaning companies usually have a “per square foot per room” price that includes all of their labor and material costs. The average cost is typically $0.18-$0.36 per square foot, depending on the level of carpet soiling and how much furniture (if any) is in the room.

Carpet vs rug cleaning

While carpet cleaning takes place in the home, rug cleaning generally involves having the rug picked up by a rug cleaning service company and taken to a rug cleaning facility for specialized cleaning. In some cases the rug can also be delivered to a specialized rug cleaning facility to have it cleaned. An 8’x10’ rug will cost about $160 to be professionally cleaned.

Top carpet cleaners

Here are 10 of the top carpet cleaners available for home use.

BrandPros Cons

Bissell DeepClean Deluxe 36Z9


Cleans tough stains

Cleans upholstery

Features a hand tool for spot cleaning

Cleaner and water must be mixed manually

Does not easily pick up pet hair

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Big Green Deep Cleaning Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner Machine


Designed to clean large areas

Removes stains

Cleans upholstery

Reports of leaking large amounts of water onto carpets

Reports of sudden leaks


Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack, Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine


Cleans large areas

Has an attached upholstery cleaning tool

Designed to remove tough stains

Often sprays excess fluid

Lacks strong suction


Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner



Has an attached upholstery tool for furniture and stairs

Motor is not waterproof

Plastic parts break easily

Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900


Has an eight foot hose for hard-to-reach areas and for upholstery cleaning

Cleans non-carpeted floors

Features a separate tank for clean and dirty water

Three-speed brushroll control


Plastic parts break easily

Lacks strong suction


Bissell SpotClean Anywhere Portable Carpet Cleaner, 97491



Easy to store


Dual tanks for clean and dirty water

Only designed for spot cleaning carpets or upholstery

Oreck Commercial XL M900A Shield Power Scrubber


Three separate motors

Quickly removes stains


Wide cleaning path

Difficult to use

Takes time to learn proper operation

Bissell 47A23 Proheat 2x Premier Full-Size Carpet Cleaner


30-foot extension cord

Dual brush rollers

Multi-surface cleaner

Plastic parts and tank can crack

Reports of sprayer malfunctions


Hoover FH50251PC Power Scrub Elite Pet Carpet Cleaner


Height adjustable

Separate tanks for clean and dirty water


Automatically shuts off when tank is full

Short power cord

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220




Special forced air feature

Short power cord

Reports of leaks



Care tips

  • Vacuum carpet 2 to 3 times per week to help prevent dirt from getting ground into the carpet fibers.

  • All exterior doors should have a welcome mat so dirt is not tracked from the outdoors into the house and onto the carpet.

  • A commercial spot remover can quickly lift away stains before they become set-in. You can also make your own spot remover by mixing ¼ teaspoon of liquid bleach-free detergent with 1 cup of cold water.

  • Apply a stain-resistant spray to help carpet fibers repel dirt and prevent future staining.

  • Always promptly remove stains immediately after they occur so they do not have a chance to become permanent.

  • Prior to use, always test spot remover products on the carpet for color fastness before applying to a large area of the carpet. Choose an inconspicuous area of the carpet to initially test the spot remover.

  • Before placing throw rugs on top of carpet, always test areas of the throw rug to determine the rug’s color fastness and make sure it does not bleed onto your carpet if it becomes wet.

  • Vacuum regularly under area rugs to loosen dirt and debris before they have a chance to become ground into the carpet fibers and cause permanent stains.

  • Leave all protective blocks in place after carpet cleaning for a couple of days.

  • Clean and vacuum your furniture at the same time you clean your carpet to remove any loose dirt and debris before it falls onto your clean carpet.

  • Have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly to get rid of dirt and soil before they become permanent stains.

Enhancement and improvement costs

  • Upholstery cleaning: regularly cleaning upholstery not only extends the life of your furniture but also helps keep your carpet clean. Dirt and debris from soiled upholstery can fall from the furnishings onto the carpet and cause spots or stains. Normally, it costs $50-$80 to clean one piece of furniture. Many professional carpet cleaning companies also offer upholstery cleaning.

  • Pet stains and odors: pet stains and odors should be promptly treated to prevent the stain from becoming set in and to keep the odor from traveling throughout your home. Carpet cleaning companies usually use a combination of products to remove stains and odors such as polymers and oxygenating compounds. The average cost to have a carpet cleaning company remove pet stains and odors runs from $30-$40 per hour.

  • Scotchgard(™) protection: Scotchgard(™) repels stains and soiling to protect carpets and keep them clean longer. A can of Scotchgard(™) will normally cost $9-$10 per can. Professional carpet cleaners charge from $5-$10 per room to apply Scotchgard to a carpet.

Additional considerations and costs

  • Many carpet warranties require a professional carpet cleaning once a year or more. Frequently, the manufacturer requires deep cleaning or steam cleaning methods to keep the flooring warranty valid.

  • Additional carpet cleaning service fees include the use of deodorizers, which average $0.10-$0.30 per square foot or anti-static sprays, which average $0.07-$0.10 per square foot.

  • Having your carpets cleaned before they look dirty will prevent excessive staining and keep dirt from building up in the carpet fibers.

  • An excessively soiled and dirty carpet will cost more to clean.

  • Hiring a cleaning service to complete multiple tasks at once often leads to a drop in the overall cost of the job.

  • Cleaning carpeted stairs averages $2-$3 per step.

  • Moving furniture is an additional charge of $10-$50 per room.

  • Many carpet cleaning services offer eco-friendly organic cleaners that are 100 percent non-toxic. The cost of having the carpet cleaned in one room by a professional carpet cleaning company that uses only organic, green cleaners averages $64-$65.

  • DIY tips: you should never rub carpet stains or you can work them deeper into the carpet fibers. Club soda or shaving cream can remove stains. Ice can be used to remove gum. Dishwashing detergent can lift away grease. A warm iron can remove wax. Hydrogen peroxide lifts away blood stains.

  • If you want your entire carpet cleaned but the room is full of furniture then you can save money by moving the furniture yourself.


  • How much does it cost to have your carpets cleaned?

Professional carpet cleaning averages $25-$50 per room.

  • What is the best way to clean a carpet?

Have a professional carpet cleaner clean the carpet using either a hot water extraction/steam cleaning or a dry cleaning method.

  • Do steam cleaners work on a carpet?

Steam cleaners remove dirt, pet hair, and other debris from a carpet.

  • How do you deep clean your carpet?

You can have a professional carpet cleaning company deep clean your carpet using commercial grade carpet cleaning machines or you can purchase a carpet cleaning machine as a DIY.

  • How much does it cost to clean a rug?

Cleaning an 8’x10’ rug will typically cost $160 to clean.

  • How much is Stanley cleaner?

Stanley Steemer is a nationwide carpet cleaning company. They average $99-$150 for three rooms.

  • Do you have to move furniture for carpet cleaners?

You do not have to move furniture for carpet cleaners. Most carpet cleaners clean around large furniture items such as beds and dressers. If you want your entire carpet cleaned but the room is full of furniture then you can save money by moving the furniture yourself.

  • How do you clean a carpet?  

You can opt to have a professional carpet cleaning company clean the carpet using either a dry clean or hot water extraction/steam cleaning method. You can also purchase a carpet cleaner or rent a carpet cleaner for an average rental cost of around $30-$50 per day.

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